How Astrology misplaced its exalted reputation?

human beings have always been curious to recognize their destiny. whenever a person is in issue and can not without problems pop out of it, he desires to recognize whether the times of his distress will come to an stop in any respect. And if yes, then while? when one invests a outstanding deal of time, effort or cash into a few task, it’s miles herbal to wonder whether that funding will undergo a few fruit. There have constantly been humans around who’ve correctly anticipated destiny occasions. Their methods were exceptional – some humans can truely investigate the future, a few use tarot playing cards, a few draw up an astrological chart which we call horoscopes, some study the traces in the arms of humans. One can’t deny that future has been as it should be anticipated many a times and by many a people. every a hit prediction proves that it is certainly viable to correctly predict destiny.

in the historical instances, astrologers have been held to be in great esteem with the aid of the human beings. there has been no difference among astronomers and astrologers. In fact, astronomy and Astrology had been not taken into consideration to be two specific subjects. Many will be surprised to understand that most of the renowned scientists of the beyond, such as Sir Isaac Newton, were astrologers too. In historic India Astrology changed into referred to as “Jyotish Shastra” which protected predictive Astrology as well as what we realize as astronomy. needless to say that the astrologers of that technology had been all super mathematicians too. An completed astrologer become known as “Trikal-darshee” : one that should see past, gift and future. it would perhaps no longer be an exaggeration to mention that Astrology turned into considered to be the foremost department of technological know-how.

Slowly over a period of time this problem got here into disrepute.

How Astrology misplaced its exalted reputation?

it’s far a reality of existence that humans emulate successful, famous and respected persons. Seeing the social popularity loved by astrologers, charlatans commenced masquerading as astrologers. They learnt some hints of the exchange and started duping gullible people. It become and nonetheless is a totally lucrative enterprise. An astrologer earns cash with the aid of making predictions while giving no guarantee that any of his predictions will end up true. there’s no cash returned assure :-). as soon as an astrologer units up keep, people start coming to him within the hope that can be he can be able to foresee their destiny correctly. The astrologer is in a first rate function. for instance, he may also make predictions about ten people, getting best one prediction right. The nine men and women, approximately whom he anticipated wrongly, will never come returned to him. but the 10th person, about which the astrologer was able to expect efficiently, will no longer best come back to him again but additionally refer many different humans to him, citing personal enjoy. on this way, the enterprise of an astrologer always thrives, no matter how he himself fares in his change. however the downside of this changed into that astrologers, as a group, began being visible as a variety of doubtful persons like politicians of the modern-day age. as soon as such impact started out gaining ground, Astrology as a subject no longer remained appealing to clever people. people, who had expertise, began to pursue different fields of expertise. Over a period of time, the inevitable came about. No talent, worth its salt, selected to pursue Astrology as a vocation or a hobby and the outcome of that is for every body to peer inside the present instances.

there was one more very crucial purpose for Astrology turning into one of the lesser fields of expertise. It became the decline of India, the fountainhead of human civilization, and its loss of popularity as the repository of all of the knowledge of the ancient global (see How India misplaced its Glory). The Islamic hordes, who attacked and looted India many a times and later ruled that usa for hundred of years, had no admire for valuable works of artwork, the incredible architecture and the opposite exalted areas of human undertaking. They destroyed maximum of the ancient temples, burnt down libraries like Nalanda and Takshshila and permanently took away innumerable books of endless understanding from the future generations of humanity. A exceptional quantity of recorded knowledge turned into misplaced, astrological books protected. This loss proved to be irreparable, because the then Indian society have become engaged in making sure its survival and a consistent battle towards the aggressors. The few human beings, who had some valuable texts and scriptures with them, have been difficult put to preserve the final works of historical sages. this is why, whilst one studies Astrology , he feels as if a few vital links are missing. With the Hindu philosophy dropping its ground it become herbal that Astrology might lose its prominent area too. as the cutting-edge technological know-how evolved and the scientific temperament received floor, with the shortage of authentic astrologers, Astrology started out fading into oblivion.

The complaint and The defense

Astrology is scoffed at by means of humans for 2 important motives. First, of course, is that the predictions made through astrologers often goes wrong. Secondly, if one takes his horoscope to distinctive astrologers, they make distinctive predictions. They even make distinct horoscopes given the equal set of records regarding the beginning of someone. those information pressure human beings finish that Astrology isn’t always a technological know-how and that it’s far only a way to befool human beings for the astrologers’ gain.

One can not deny that the motives cited above are legitimate. despite the fact that, there’s some element of prejudice in opposition to Astrology which additionally plays a few part inside the denigration of this technology. let us take an instance to demonstrate this factor.

a person falls ill because of a few sickness. He goes to his neighborhood doctor. The medical doctor advises him to go for some exams. After seeing the consequences of these tests and thinking about the affected person’s signs and symptoms, the medical doctor concludes that the person has shriveled some unique ailment say, Sickosis :-). He prescribes a few drug treatments and the affected person is going home in the desire of having rid of the illness as quickly as feasible. After taking the medicines for next two days, the affected person finds that the drug treatments are not working the manner they were supposed to work. He is going again to the physician and the health practitioner adjustments the medicines and the person starts responding to the second set of medication at once. inside some days, the man or woman is back to his old wholesome self.

What might have happened if the individual had now not responded to that 2nd set of drugs? most in all likelihood he would have gone to every other medical doctor. That health practitioner might have cautioned him to head for more checks, identified his hassle as according to his personal understanding and revel in and handled him as a result. again, there would have been the same chance of the affected person eliminating his disease.

So, in the long run it boils right down to hassle of correct diagnosis. As soon as the disease is identified efficiently, it can be dealt with effectively. The physician’s trouble is to pick out the disorder effectively, given the symptoms and the effects of the assessments conducted. In reality, he guesses the sickness based totally on the symptoms the affected person displays and to verify his suspicions the physician asks the patient to go through a particular set of tests. If the physician’s first bet is proved incorrect, he shows another set of exams to the affected person aimed toward confirming his 2d best wager of the sickness.

there may be one greater element which may additionally mar the possibilities of the affected person getting better: the take a look at consequences. If the lab accomplishing those exams makes a mistake, the physician is sure to be misled through the consequences. It has also been found many a times that in spite of the equal signs and the identical set of take a look at consequences, distinct docs may also diagnose the problem otherwise.

The equal factor, whilst taking place in the context of Astrology , is proffered as a proof that it isn’t a technology. while a doctor makes a mistake, his capabilities are blamed now not the medical science. however if an astrologer fails, it’s far Astrology which is taken into consideration a pseudo-technology. If doctors can arrive at one-of-a-kind conclusions on the premise of same facts, why astrologers should now not be allowed to vary with each other. if you take the blood samples of the identical affected person to special labs, you are almost sure to discover variations of their findings. If the machines built with all our medical know-how at our disposal make mistakes, nobody denigrates current technological know-how itself. but in terms of Astrology, humans are handiest too ready to brush aside it. possibly, by doing this, people want to show that they have, what is known as, clinical temperament.

Why Astrologers pass incorrect of their prediction?

lack of know-how: that is perhaps the foremost motive. maximum of the astrologers, after learning a chunk, find it tough to withstand the temptation to begin making predictions. A sure percent of their predictions do end up actual in view that they’ve learnt a touch little bit of Astrology in any case. They can’t keep themselves lower back from showing off their half baked know-how. some other purpose if the temptation to start reaping, as soon as possible, the end result in their efforts made in learning the problem. once the customers start flocking to them, they lose the urge to hold gaining knowledge of further. also, they may be left with little spare time to make in addition efforts to learn extra. They get too busy duping people.

loss of expertise: within the modern-day instances, because the pursuit of this challenge isn’t always taken into consideration very respectable, individuals of genius do not take up the study of Astrology. They would alternatively choose to emerge as scientists, engineers, medical doctors, littĂ©rateurs, artists and many others. this doesn’t assist the improvement of Astrology nor does it assist upload to the know-how or locate the lacking links in this challenge. presently, there are no severe studies initiatives related to this field. as a result this base of expertise does no longer get up to date.

wrong statistics: as the very foundation of Astrology is mathematical, the facts consisting of time of start and so forth. must be accurate. If this records is inaccurate, the horoscope and consequently the interpretation of it is sure to be faulty. the placement of cusps, house divisions, and the planetary positions at any given second needs to be correct too. The severa ephemeris fluctuate from every different so much that it appears amazing. One ought to follow the most accurate records (as an instance, from NASA) for calculations, on this age of technology. typically, astrologers have a tendency to take the clean route, that of following some ready-reckoner type of factors, leading to inaccuracies of their calculations.

destiny of the subject: it is able to so appear that the destiny of the person that desires his future read, does no longer desire the character in knowing his destiny. This idea can also seem some distance fetched however it is not. Even in modern times, with all the development of clinical technology, sufferers preserve dying of fully treatable sicknesses. If a person is destined to die of pneumonia, he’ll regardless of the fact that hundreds of thousands of humans around the world are correctly treated for it every yr. If destiny can play a role right here why can not it play the equal role concerning Astrology.

The very nature of future: modern technology divides the universe in  elements: recognised and the unknown. it is believed that anything is unknown nowadays, becomes recognised the following day. Over a period of time, every element turns into regarded someday. however the enlightened sages have stated that sure factors of the life is unknowable. these things do no longer belong within the domain of human information. sure aspects of destiny also belongs to the equal domain.

everybody, who will look at Astrology with an open mind, cannot brush aside it as something with out benefit. it’s miles an smooth assignment for astrologers to correctly inform positive matters approximately a man, including his physical traits, illnesses he is probable to get stricken with, his temperament, his standard success in lifestyles in phrases of cash he earns or repute he achieves, the nature of his career and many others., genuinely with the aid of looking at his correctly drawn horoscope. it’s miles inside the matters of info and the timing of occasions that astrologers tend to go awry. What is wanted is a fresh technique to the concern. first rate minds should take it up for take a look at, correct a few anomalies and misconceptions which this technological know-how has obtained over the long beyond. Then most effective this subject can regain its rightful region as a serious and vital department of know-how.

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