Astrology and Astronomy inside the Vedic length

Astrology or Jyotish is an vital part of the Vedas. even though within the Vedas the emphasis is more on Astronomy, there has been hardly any distinction among Astrology and Astronomy inside the Vedic length. both had been studied to determine the auspicious timings for making services to propitiate the Gods. The Vedas, consequently, made precise studies of the stars and the motion of planets across the sky. Eclipses had to be timed due to the fact they signified evil portents. The obliteration of the luminaries, but brief, could not be true for the mere mortals.

The stories regarding the delivery of planets are found in the Puranas, which can be of a later vintage. There are 18 Puranas. They cope with the tale of introduction, the tussle among the Gods and demons, the various forms and reincarnations of Lord Vishnu and sometimes even the family tree of kings on the earth. The identical story seems in numerous Puarnas and predictably, the variations differ from one another.

in the early degrees, Puranas had been also an oral lifestyle. while elaborate care turned into taken to keep the integrity of the Vedas so that distortions may not creep into them thru repeated retelling, no such precaution became thought important for the Puranas. The Vedas had been sacrosanct. The Puranas were not pretty as sacred.

strategies of memorizing the Vedas have been very exciting. allow us to assume that we’ve a sentence in the Vedas – “God is ideal”. (surely, Vedas do no longer dish out such simple sentences. we’ve cooked up an example to demonstrate a point). One pupil could memorize it as “God is ideal”. this is everyday. all of us undergo a comparable workout the night time earlier than our assessments.

however a second one would do it in a odd form:

Doog si canine – memorizing it backwards. There would be a third who would do some thing even more atypical:

go od di is sg go oo od.

This gobbledygook may be easily unscrambled to discover the unique message. There had been many more ways; all have been simultaneously practiced to make sure that if corruption occurred in one it’d be rectified via comparing it with the others.

in one technique two sentences might be combined up in a way not absolutely in contrast to sending scrambled digital packets throughout the wide bandwidth.

but enough of that! let us cross lower back to the story of the planets as given in some of the Puranas. these were eventually modified, modified, accelerated till they have become a part of a wealthy folklore of India with all its sectarian bias and local garnish.

So the stores we convey to you right here originated within the Puranas but got drastically revised via successive retelling!

experience your inspect Indian Mythology!

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